2 or 4 Year College?

Seniors, why not consider looking into community colleges as you put together your list of colleges and universities to research and apply. Perhaps you’re not ready to commit to a four year program or you’re looking to stay close to home. These local schools offer a different pathway to earning a bachelor’s degree. An added benefit is the reduced tuition cost.

Community colleges offer many programs in a variety of fields to train students, allowing them to earn an associates degree and pursue a career in their chosen field.

For students hoping to achieve a bachelors degree, many colleges and universities have formal programs which provide a way for qualified community college students to transfer. These four year schools have expanded their outreach and support to help applicants navigate the application process. They also offer generous scholarships to help with tuition. Students may often transfer with little or no loss of academic credit. Many community colleges have partnerships with four year schools that allow their students access to programs in nursing, technology, business and science. Talk to your guidance counselor to determine if community college makes sense for you.

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