Our Approach

It’s never too early to start thinking about college. As co-founders of Bound to Organize LLC, our mission is to empower students to become college ready and ultimately navigate the complicated and stressful college application process successfully.

Becoming college ready is a journey that lasts throughout high school. It’s a journey that involves both personal and academic growth as well as learning to make good choices. The decisions you make in high school impact the options that will be available when it comes time to apply to college. There is great value in knowing who you are, what your goals are and where you see yourself going.

The college application process is daunting and overwhelming for both teenagers and their parents. With applications to fill out, financial aid worksheets to complete, scholarships to search for, essays to write, resumes to create, and campus tours and interviews to schedule, life will be filled with college chaos for any applicant.

When our eldest children were beginning their college bound process, we searched for ways to understand how to best help them navigate their way. We read many advice books, spoke with guidance counselors and admissions officers, and reached out to parents who’d been through the process.  We came away with a clear understanding of how to successfully apply to college: define yourself as a student, identify schools that fit your profile, stay on task to meet deadlines and correctly submit all the components in a well executed manner.

Ultimately, we wrote The College Bound Organizer, The University Bound Organizer and The College Bound Planner to help students and parents accomplish what we set out to do with our children, to help them make the most of their four years in high school, become their best selves and navigate the college process successfully.

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