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The College Bound Organizer offers overwhelmed students and parents a road map to steer them through the college application maze.

The College Bound Organizer allows professionals, including guidance counselors and college counselors, to help their students get organized and stay on task, while easily and effectively monitoring their progress.

Today’s high school students have one thing in common: the extraordinary number of details to keep track of. Between the standardized test-taking and the school visits, the essays to write and the forms to fill out, it goes without saying that all of this is performed while continuing to attend high school, do homework, keep that spot on the team or the lead role in the school play and possibly even hold down a part-time job.

The College Bound Organizer keeps you focused and on-task, allowing you to manage the massive amount of information you will be responsible for creating, requesting and submitting while meeting all the different deadlines for your applications. To keep you in touch with what today’s educators are thinking, a select group of admissions professionals were consulted and are quoted throughout the book.

“Applying to college should be a positive experience … The mechanics of the process are important and need to be taken seriously… Using The College Bound Organizer is one way to help you stay focused on what is really important… First, it gives you a “one-stop shopping” way to keep track of the hundreds of details that go into applying to multiple colleges… Second, it represents a checklist – with deadlines – that lays out the various steps that you need to be taking.”

–Edward B. Fiske, bestselling author of Fiske Guide to Colleges



University admissions in the US is tougher than ever. Nearly three million students are expected to enroll as first -time freshmen in colleges and universities in the United States this school year. How can you prepare, get organized, and stay focused throughout the search and admission process?

The University Bound Organizer helps students:

  • Understand what US admission officers are looking for in an applicant
  • Prevent common mistakes students make on their applications
  • Build a personal profile
  • Plan an individualized testing schedule
  • Research universities to identify schools that are a good fit
  • Develop a balanced list of schools
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Complete and submit applications accurately and on time
  • Develop university application essays
  • Apply for financial aid and scholarships
  • Ace interviews
  • Sort and manage application results
  • Make a final decision



Be college ready with The College Bound Planner. Take control of your college bound journey. From freshman year in high school through the first day of college, use this book to set yourself up for success in high school, college and beyond.

Checklists, charts and brainstorming space will help you to set goals, know what you should be doing at any particular time in high school, choose the high school courses best for you, identify extracurriculars that will allow you to grow, develop good study skills and life habits, understand the college application process and get ready for your first day as an undergraduate.

The College Bound Planner gives you a preview of what is ahead to better understand how the decisions you make throughout high school affect your college options. Becoming college ready is a process of self-discovery and growth. Find out what you enjoy, what you’re good at and what challenges you. Take control and get the most out of your four years of high school.

“This planner will help you cut out the stress and walk confidently into your future.”

—Becca Anderson, author of Affirm Your Life

“A must for every high school student.”

— Christie Barnes, author of What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions