Setting Yourself Up For A Summer Internship

Look for an internship now to set yourself up for the summer. It’s a good idea to gain some work experience outside of school. Summer internship offer the opportunity to:

  • Get the chance to identify what you like doing
  • Acquire work experience
  • Build new skills
  • Gain an introduction to a field of interest
  • Identify a potential academic path to pursue
  • Confirm your interest before you make a long term commitment
  • Earn money, if it’s a paid internship

Internships may be available after school, during the school year or during the summer months. Look for internships with government agencies, private companies, non-profits and cultural organizations to name a few. If you’re thinking about an internship during the school year, consider your schedule and whether you really have the time to devote to another commitment. If not, limit your search to summer internships. Here are some helpful tips on how to begin your search:

  • Identify what interests you
  • Talk to your guidance counselor about resources to help you with your search
  • Ask your teachers, coaches, family and friends for leads
  • Look online and use social media such as LinkedIn to identify opportunities

Think about how you’ll present yourself and consider doing the following:

  • Create your elevator pitch to introduce yourself by preparing a short description about who you are
  • Share your goal(s) and objective(s)
  • Mention any skills you have that are aligned with the opportunity
  • Be persuasive
  • Share something special about yourself and why you would add value
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