College Search

Books providing directories, facts, stats and contact info:

Websites to help with your search:

  • College and University Websites: Individual sites offer virtual tours and information about admissions, requirements, academics and financial aid.

  • College Confidential: An open web forum for discussions about colleges and admissions

  • CollegeInSight: Browse and compare information about affordability, diversity and student success.

  • College Navigator: National Center for Education Statistics provides a college search tool.

  • College Results Online: An interactive Web tool which provides information about college graduation rates, student characteristics, admissions and costs.

  • Naviance: Naviance and other other online platforms have search tools and can also provide information specific to students applying from your high school.

  • Unigo: A student-generated online college resource guide

  • U.S. News and World Report: Include rankings of colleges and universities, conducted annually using several different factors.


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