Supplementary Materials

You may be considering sending additional information in support of your application. Supplementary materials can enhance a strong application and may help tip the admission decision in your favor.  However, submit supplements only if you feel very strongly that this extra information will add value to your application and tell Admissions something about yourself they cannot learn from your application. Think about how many applications, including essays, test scores, activities lists and recommendations admissions officers are sorting through to help them make their decisions.

If you decide to share additional information, make sure what you submit is of the highest caliber and will enhance your profile.  If you’re not sure about what to do, ask your guidance counselor for input. In addition, confirm each individual school’s policy regarding the submission of supplementary materials and follow the required format for submission by checking on the school’s admissions website.

Tufts University Admissions offers a very useful flow chart to help you decide whether or not to send in additional materials.



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Tomorrow’s PSAT

Remember, the PSAT is a “practice” test for the SAT. Your scores won’t be reported to colleges but the PSAT will give you valuable feedback. In December, College Board will send your score reports to your high school. Go through your score report— see how you handled the different sections of the test and what you need to work on before you take the SAT. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the SAT and how you need to prepare. Talk to your guidance counselor about which test prep options make sense for you.

Of the 1.5 million students taking the test, about 50,000 with the highest PSAT/NMSQT® Selection Index scores qualify for recognition in the National Merit® Scholarship Program.

When you take the PSAT you can choose to participate in the Student Search Service to receive information from colleges and universities about admissions and financial aid.

Back to tomorrow’s test— to minimize your stress in the morning, it’s a great idea to get organized ahead of time. Prepare tonight to get tomorrow off to a great start.

Gather and pack all the things you’ll need to take with you. Don’t forget any of the following required items:

  • Sharpened #2 pencils
  • Approved calculator

These are things you may want to bring along:

  • Water and snack, although not to be kept on your desk
  • Extra batteries or a back-up calculator
  • A watch

alarm clockRemember, to set your alarm, get a good night’s sleep and have a filling, healthy breakfast.

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Registration Reminder

Today is the late registration deadline for the October  28th ACT.

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Get Ready

To minimize your stress tomorrow morning, it’s a great idea to get organized ahead of time. The last thing you need on test morning is a desperate scramble. These are some of the things you can do tonight to get your big day off to a great start:

First, check with your parents to make sure they know when and where you’re scheduled to take the test, and arrange how you’ll get to the test center. Next, gather and pack all the things you’ll need to take with you. Some of the things on this check list are “must-have” items, while others are optional.

REQUIRED: Don’t forget any of the following items or it will be a long ride home!

  • Admission/Standby ticket
  • Acceptable form of photo ID
  • Sharpened #2 pencils
  • Calculator

SUGGESTED: These are things you may want to bring along.

  • Water
  • Snack
  • Sweater
  • Back-up calculator
  • Extra batteries for your calculator
  • Watch (to keep track of time)

alarm clockSet your alarm, get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

Good luck!


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Registration Reminder

Remember, today is the registration deadline for the November 4th SAT and SAT Subject Tests.

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FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid Profile are Now Available

FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed by all students who want to be considered for need-based and non-need-based federal and state aid programs.

There are three ways to complete the FAFSA:

Online FAFSA requires you create your account on FAFSA on the Web and then login. Students and parents should apply for their own individual PINs to use as their signature. Don’t forget to jot down your PINs now for easy reference later, as you will need your pin number to reapply each year. When you submit your FAFSA online, print out the confirmation page and file it in a safe place.

PDF FAFSA is an application which can be printed and filled out by hand or completed on the screen and then printed. Either way, you will need to mail the form. Save a copy for your records.

Paper FAFSA forms can be requested by calling 800.433.3243 and then mailed. Save a copy for your files.

There are many resources available to help you complete your FAFSA:

  • Call the FAFSA hotline at 800.433.3243 to speak with a customer service representative or chat live online with a customer service rep.
  • Use the FAFSA on the Web Worksheets to help you get organized.
  • Get help filling out your FAFSA from NerdScholar.

Please note deadlines for the FAFSA differ from one school to the next. The important thing to note, though, is that the earlier you send in your application, the sooner it will be reviewed and the more money there may be available.

CSS/Fincial Aid PROFILE is used to apply online for nonfederal financial aid (grants and scholarships) from almost 400 colleges, universities, professional schools, and scholarship programs. This application is distributed by College Board, so if you already have a College Board account, you can use your user name and password for the CSS/PROFILE as well.

  • For the 2017-2018 scholastic year, the fee for the initial application to a single college or university is $25 and $16.00 per each additional college. Based on your responses, College Board will determine if you are eligible for a fee waiver.
  • Once you register, detailed instructions are provided as you complete the PROFILE.  An online Help Desk, including Frequently Asked Questions, is also available to answer questions.
  • You can contact customer support at 844.202.0524 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, with extended hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., January through April) or email
  • Deadlines vary from school to school.  Check your colleges’ financial aid application deadlines to make sure your application is submitted on time.
  • You will need to reapply each year.  If you use the same account, parts of your application will automatically fill.
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Tackling Test Prep

Test prep is essential to doing your best on standardized tests. In addition to getting comfortable with the subject matter, learn how to pace yourself, manage your timing and understand how the test is scored. Try to take as many practice tests as possible to increase your comfort level and confidence when test day arrives.

You can prepare on your own, in a group or with a tutor.  There are many free test prep resources availalbe.  Check them out and see what works best for you.


  1.  College Board has both online and printed versions of SAT practice tests available on their website.
  2. College Board has a daily practice app you can use to build your familiarity with the exam.
  3. Find  free sample practice questions on College Board’s website in Math, Reading and Writing for the SAT as well as questions for SAT Subject Tests.
  4. Test prep companies, including Kaplan, The Princeton Review and Peterson’s offer free practice tests, both online and at their test centers.
  5. McGraw-Hill offers an interactive online SAT test prep center with practice tests, videos and other helpful resources.


  1. Take an ACT practice test, score your exam and read about helpful test taking strategies.
  2. ACT offers practice questions in English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing.
  3. Download ACT’s free study guide.
  4. Register for free online and onsite practice tests with Kaplan, The Princeton Review and Peterson’s.
  5. Check out the McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus Prep Center for the ACT where you can take full length practice tests. Prep videos and other resources are also available on this site.

SAT Subject Tests

  1. Success on an SAT II demonstrates your proficiency in a specific subject. Think about the subjects you excel in and ask teachers for input.
  2. Time the exam to match up with the timing of your final for that subject or AP test.
  3. Plan your test prep. Take as many practice tests as possible using prep books and go through the online practice questions as well.
  4. Understand how the SAT subject tests are scored to maximize your results.
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