The Start Of A New School Year

Welcome back! The 2018/19 school year has begun. To our incoming freshman college class, we hope you take a look at Frank Bruni’s column in The New York Times: How to Get The Most Out of College. Bruni offers invaluable advice on how to make the most of your time in college. Please don’t miss this.

To our high school seniors, you are, most likely, already working on all the tasks necessary to get into college. You should also read Bruni’s column for inspiration and thoughts about how you may want to plan your journey to college. Between now and the end of the year you’re going to be extremely busy with school work, extracurriculars and college applications. Now is the time to  your plan get organized. Organization is essential to a successful, less stressful college search and application process.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to guide you through the process so you’ll be able to complete your best applications possible. Stay tuned.


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Summer Time Suggestions

Rising seniors, get a head start on your applications. Work on your essays, and open and work on your Common App, continue to study if you’ll be taking any standardized tests, and update you list of extracurriculars.

Rising juniors, summer’s a great time for you to begin your college process. Map out a plan and get organized so you cruise into junior year ready and prepared.  Research schools, think about a test schedule and begin preparing, start a comprehensive list of your activities and achievements to be used on the Common App.

Although during the summer we’ll be taking a break from writing, we’ll be busy getting ready for the upcoming college admissions season. Make good use of all the great information and tips available on our site to help you successfully navigate your college search and application process.

Enjoy the summer!!

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Registration Reminder


Today is the late registration deadline for the July 14th ACT.


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How To Help Your Child Get Ready For College

  • Help your child choose freshman classes. Talk about what they’re interested in and also consider course requirements. Encourage your child to learn more about specific classes by looking through the course syllabus online to confirm they’re interested in what the instructor plans to cover.
  • Understand your tuition payment options. Some schools offer plans allowing you to spread out your payments.
  •  If your health insurance covers your child at college , make sure to opt out of the school’s coverage before the deadline.
  • Getting ready for dorm life can be a fun activity to share. Take inventory of what you already own and bring a shopping list with you. Many stores provide helpful checklists and offer the option of selecting items locally and picking them up at the store closest to your child’s school. Suggest your child talks to his or her roommate about large items they may want to share.
  • Teach your child how to do laundry.  If you prefer to utilize the school’s laundry service, complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Some schools assign specific move-in dates and times to their students. Make sure you’re aware of any designated schedule. Move-in often takes longer than expected. Decide if you’ll be staying over and, if so, make hotel reservations.
  • Schools often provide programming and events for parents during the move in day(s).  Don’t forget to sign up for events you may be interested in attending.
  • Locate the nearest pharmacy and pack cold medicine, pain reliever, lozenges etc, for when your child gets sick.
  • Fall/Homecoming weekend is probably one of the busiest weekends at school and the surrounding community. Make hotel and dinner reservations now so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

This is such an exciting time for your child and you. While they’re preparing for college you can be preparing yourself and supporting them through this next big step as well.


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Registration Reminder

Today is the deadline for registration for the July 14th ACT.

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Summer Tips For College Bound Rising Juniors

Rising juniors, next fall will be the start of a busy school year, so here are a few thoughts for how to spend time this summer getting yourself ready:

  1. Work on a test prep strategy: Determine which test or tests you plan to take by talking to your guidance counselor and taking a practice SAT and ACT test, then come up with a plan. Consider the test prep choices available to you, including independent study, review books, online programs and group classes at your high school, local library or community center. If you plan to work with a tutor, ask your friends and classmates for recommendations. Your teachers and guidance counselor may also have suggestions.
  2. Devise a testing schedule: Look at the SAT and ACT test dates and registration deadlines for the upcoming school year and plan which dates work best for you. Make sure to avoid conflicts with any personal or family obligations.
  3. Start your personal profile:  List your extracurricular activities so far, including clubs, athletics, community service, work and summer experiences. Jot down awards and competitions in which you’ve participated. Keep your list up to date because you’ll need to provide this information on your applications. Think about what you enjoy doing outside the classroom. Are there any activities you’d like to deepen your commitment to and are there any new things you’d like to get involved in? This summer is a great time to start getting involved.
  4. Create a Common Application account: The Common App is available if you would like to take a first look. Once you open your account, any information you fill in can be saved. It’s early but if you choose, you can begin with items such as your personal information and extracurriculars.
  5. Research schools:  Talk to those who’ve been through the college process recently, such as your friends and family. Your guidance counselor is a great resource and can point you in the right direction. Buy or borrow from the library, a college search book to get basic admissions facts and student feedback. Start your online research by reviewing school websites. Look through the admissions and financial aid sections and explore academic programs, course offerings and majors. Read about clubs, activities, special events and athletics and use the virtual tour tools. Use the many online websites available and follow college bound blogs for helpful information and resources. Familiarize yourself with the different types of schools— urban, suburban and rural; small, medium and large; public and private; and liberal arts and research oriented. Summertime campus visits can help you get a good feel for the school.
  6. Do something interesting: Work. Intern. Volunteer. Read. Travel. Take a class at a university. Participate in a research project. Summer is the time to explore your interests and to have new experiences!
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Get Ready For Tomorrow’s ACT

A few thoughts if you’re scheduled to take tomorrow’s ACT.

To minimize your stress tomorrow morning, it’s a great idea to get organized ahead of time. The last thing you need on test morning is a desperate scramble. These are some of the things you can do tonight to get your big day off to a great start:

First, check with your parents to make sure they know when and where you’re scheduled to take the test, and arrange how you’ll get to the test center. Next, gather and pack all the things you’ll need to take with you. Some of the things on this check list are “must-have” items, while others are optional.

REQUIRED: Don’t forget any of the following items or it will be a long ride home!

  • An approved calculator
  • Sharpened #2 pencils
  • An acceptable form of photo ID
  • Your admission or standby ticket


  • Water
  • Snack
  • Sweater
  • Back-up calculator
  • Extra batteries for your calculator
  • Watch (to keep track of time)

Set your alarm, get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

Good luck!


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