Registration Reminder

Remember, today is the late registration deadline for the June 3rd SAT.

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How To Request Letters of Recommendation

Juniors, it’s time to think about which teachers you would like to ask to write your college letters of recommendation. Consider which teachers know you best and ask them to write a letter on your behalf. Try to make this request in person, if possible.

Here’s how to request the best recommendations:

  1. Ask the teachers who know you well and can write a strong letter on your behalf.
  2. Try to make this request in person, if possible.
  3. Ask before your summer break begins. Many teachers receive more requests than they can fulfill, so by asking in advance, you’ll be able to confirm they are able put you on their list.
  4. Most colleges require one or two letters of recommendation from your teachers and one from your guidance counselor. It’s a good idea to ask primary subject teachers from junior or senior year.
  5. Help your recommenders to write the most effective letters. Give them an outline of the highlights of your time spent in their classroom, your favorite assignments and samples of your work. Also, let them know what you enjoy(ed) most about their class. Share any experiences outside the classroom that are relevant to their subject matter to help them write a letter that ties together all your related experiences.
  6. Are there any special programs in which you’ve had a meaningful involvement, such as science research or athletics? If so, ask your point person to write an additional letter on your behalf. These letters help admissions reps get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re likely to contribute to their classrooms and campus community.
  7. Once senior year begins, confirm with your writers. Once you know where you’re applying, give each recommender a list of your schools and the application deadlines and they will, most likely, submit their letters electronically.
  8. Keep track of your recommendations. Make a list of the schools you are applying to, jot down the date you made your request and check online or with the colleges as the process progresses to confirm their receipt of your recommendation letters.
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Colleges Accepting Applications For Fall 2023

Seniors, you can still apply to college! The National Association of College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC)) College Openings Update provides a list of hundreds of US colleges and universities with openings, financial aid and housing available to qualified freshman and/or transfer students for the fall 2023 semester. So, if you have not yet completed your applications or are not happy with your choices use the Update to search for schools through the use of various filters.  Both public and private colleges and universities are included on the list.

The College Openings Update is a great resource. This list of schools is updated daily as colleges and universities finalize their admissions numbers for 2023/24, so continue to check back.

It’s never too late to apply!

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Registration Reminder

Remember, today is the late registration deadline for the May 6th SAT.

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National College Decision Day

NATIONAL COLLEGE DECISION DAY is almost here. SENIORS, May 1st is the deadline for your big decision! The schools to which you’ve been admitted will be sending you many important announcements so check your inbox and mailbox frequently.

Many schools host on campus events for admitted students. These special programs are a good way to take a closer look at the campus, ask questions and meet your prospective classmates. Make every effort to attend. In addition to on campus events, alumni often host local get-togethers for admitted students from the same area to meet one another. Parents are often invited to these local gatherings as well and this is an opportunity for them to meet alumni and staff and become familiar with the school you’ll be attending. Often, guest speakers share helpful advice on how to help you and your parents with your transition to college.

If you have applied for aid, check your inbox and mailbox for any requests for additional information. Make sure to read through all mailings and understand the details. Be clear on how much of your package is gift aid such as scholarships, grants and tuition waivers, and how much requires repayment, and on what schedule. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your financial aid rep.

Make your decision and be sure to send in your deposit by the May 1st deadline. Re-read your acceptance letter and any correspondence you received from the school to confirm that you’ve submitted all the required documents. Also, as a courtesy, don’t forget to notify other colleges offering you a spot that you won’t be attending.

Once you’re a member of the class of 2027, you’ll begin receiving lots of important and time sensitive mail requiring your attention. Be on the lookout for information and required forms regarding housing, roommate selection, course registration, orientation and summer events. Also, expect to hear from the health office, registrar and bursar.

Your mailbox is going to be full so check for news daily!

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Become A Part Of Your New College Community

Exciting times are ahead! If you have made your college decision it’s time to connect with your new classmates, as well as professors and alumni. Become an active member of your new college community before you even arrive on campus.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Use social media to connect with your future classmates, friends and potential roommates. Learn about the work professors are engaged in and the exciting paths alumni have taken. You can also stay up to date on what’s happening on your college campus, so don’t wait to get started.

FACEBOOK: Facebook groups for your school are a great resource to keep you up to date about group meet ups with future classmates in your area. You may find potential roommates and also friends with common interests. Talk about the best classes to sign up for and post questions you may have about the college. Check the school’s Facebook page to stay current about deadlines for required forms, deposits and special programs.

LINKEDIN University Pages: The specific pages offer the latest news from your school. These LinkedIn pages are also where you can read what alumni are doing, where they’re living, what fields they’ve gone into and the jobs they’ve had since their graduation. This is your future network.

TWITTER: Twitter accounts belonging to professors may be interesting for you to follow. You can learn what they’re writing about, researching and read about the latest news in their field. Campus organizations, including clubs, fraternities and sororities also use Twitter to help them stay in touch with the school community.

INSTAGRAM: Follow your college’s page and see what students are doing on campus now.

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Get Ready For Tomorrow’s ACT

A few thoughts if you’re scheduled to take the ACT tomorrow.

To minimize your stress in the morning, it’s a great idea to get organized ahead of time. The last thing you need on test day is a desperate scramble. These are some of the things you can do the night before to get your big day off to a great start:

First, check with your parents to make sure they know when and where you’re scheduled to take the test, and arrange how you’ll get to the test center. Next, gather and pack all the things you’ll need to take with you. Some of the things on this check list are “must-have” items, while others are optional.

REQUIRED: Don’t forget any of the following items or it will be a long ride home!

  • An approved calculator
  • Sharpened #2 pencils
  • An acceptable form of photo ID
  • Your admission or standby ticket
  • Mask


  • Water
  • Snack
  • Sweater
  • Back-up calculator
  • Extra batteries for your calculator
  • Watch (to keep track of time)

Set your alarm, get a good night’s sleep and have a good, healthy breakfast.

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A Personalized Ranking System

Recently The New York Times released a new college rankings tool. This interactive rankings system allows students to customize their own college search utilizing criteria that the student selects. The data base contains 900 four year US colleges and universities where more than 50 percent of students graduated within eight years. Students using the tool are asked to rank each of ten criteria in terms of importance on a scale from zero to 100.

The criteria are:

  • High earnings
  • Low sticker price
  • Academic profile
  • Economic mobility
  • Low net price
  • Economically diverse
  • Racially diverse
  • Campus safety
  • Athletics
  • Party scene

This interactive tool encourages students to reflect on what is really important to them when researching schools and offers the ability to produce a ranking that lines up with a student’s values and goals.

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Registration Reminder

Today is the deadline for standby registration and your photo upload for the April 15th ACT exam.

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Understand Your Aid Offers

Along with your acceptance letters, you should have, or will shortly, receive your financial aid package. Every school has their own way of outlining their offer so it’s not easy to evaluate your choices. A complete analysis requires understanding the specifics of each package. It is essential to break down your offers and understand how much of your aid doesn’t have to be repaid, like grants and scholarships, and how much of your package is made up of loans which must be repaid. You should accept only the components that your family is comfortable with as your financial aid package is not an all or nothing offer.  For example, you can accept grants and scholarships and decline the loans that don’t make sense for you. In order to compare aid offers from one school to another, try using the worksheet provided in The College Bound Organizer to help you decide which package is the best for you and your family. 

When making your decision keep in mind the following:

  • You need to apply for aid each year you are in college.
  • Your aid package may not be the same from year to year.
  • Deadlines are absolute; you can lose your aid if you fail to file the necessary paperwork on time.
  • Scholarships may have strict academic criteria, such as maintaining a minimum grade point average, and can be rescinded if not met.
  • Merit aid funds may be offered to entice you to join as a freshman, but that same aid may not be available in each of the following years. Make sure you confirm.
  • If you are a transfer student, do not assume the same aid will be available at your new school. Be sure to check with the financial aid office.
  • If you are waitlisted, confirm the availability of aid if you are admitted off of the list.
  • Aid packages may be appealed, particularly if your family’s financial circumstances have changed. Make sure to provide updated information to your financial aid rep.
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your financial aid package(s), call the school’s financial aid office and ask a financial aid officer for clarification.
  • If you are considering accepting any loans, make sure you and your family fully understand the repayment terms and are comfortable taking them on. 

There are many factors to consider as you decide where to attend college.. If financial aid is an important consideration for you and your family, make sure you understand the terms of your package in order to weigh your options.

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