Happy New Year

We hope 2023 is the start of a year filled with good news and excitement. Spend time and work hard now to set yourself up for success and cause for celebration later. Make the most of this back-to-school time after the holidays to put yourself on the right track.

Seniors, finish your last applications and submit them in time to meet the due dates. There are schools with regular decision deadlines in January as well as rolling and open decision schools you may still be thinking about or might consider looking into. Be aware, also, of any deadlines for special programs within schools to which you have already applied.

Juniors, make an appointment with your guidance counselor. If you have not already met, this is the time to introduce yourself and discuss your college bound goals. If you have already had conversations about your college process with your counselor, now is a good time to review your plans and get started.

Sophomores and First Years, attend any introductory college programs your school offers. The new year is a good time to become more aware of your high school’s graduation requirements and your own goals for your high school years. This is also the right time to learn about general college going prerequisites for different types of schools.

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