Double Check Your Applications

Make a good impression on Admissions by submitting your best application. Confirm that all the content is accurate and carefully written, and review your applications before you press “submit.” Avoid common mistakes which may reflect poorly on you and could make you seem disorganized and/or careless, this is not the introduction to Admissions you’ll want to make.

Check the following before you submit your application:

Spelling: Don’t rely on spell check and be careful of autocorrect. For example, you’re on the “Honor Roll” not the “Honor Role”. Read and re-read your application multiple times. You’ll be surprised by the number of errors you might find.

Accuracy: Check for typos or easily overlooked mistakes such as incorrect information about your counselor’s contact info or your telephone number and email address should Admissions try to get in touch. Be sure your date of birth and social security number match what is on your high school transcript. Have you listed your extracurricular activities on the Common App in the order of importance to you? 

Be Specific: Make sure each essay and your short answers are detailed and specific to the school to which you are applying. If you mention the school, be sure to refer to the correct school when coping and pasting. If you’ve indicated a high level of commitment in a club or activity throughout high school, highlight and discuss your involvement on your application in order to demonstrate your interest. 

Due Dates: Applications, special programs, scholarships and financial aid all have different deadlines, even within the same school. Don’t miss out on any opportunities because of a missed deadline. Look them all up on school websites and keep a calendar or agenda with each due date. 

Proofread: Read and re-read your application. Have at least one other person read your application before submitting. You want to make sure you’ve conveyed your message clearly and confirmed that you haven’t overlooked any errors. 

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