Waiting For News

Early decisions will be released soon. Check your school’s website for details so you know when to sign on for your outcome. If you applied early decision and are accepted, you will have a few new items for follow up. If you’ve applied early action and/or rolling and receive positive news, you will also need to take action. This is what you’ll need to do:


Early decision is binding.

  1. Send in the required non-refundable deposit by the school’s due date to confirm your intention to attend.
  2. Withdraw all your other applications.
  3. Check your inbox often. You’ll be receiving mailings relating to housing, medical and health forms, registration for special programs for admitted students, and invitations to special events that may require your response.

Early action is not binding.

  1. Send your deposit and secure your spot in the class of 2027 if you’re sure this is the school for you. Although not mandatory, be considerate to other applicants and withdraw your outstanding applications to other schools.
  2. Leave your options open if you’re not sure this is the school for you or need to evaluate your financial aid offers. Wait until you’ve received all your other admissions decisions to reply to this offer.

Rolling admission is not binding.

  1. Do not respond until you are absolutely certain this is the school you would like to attend.
  2. Finish your other applications and send them in by the due dates if you’re not sure this is the right school for you.


  1. If you receive a deferral from your early decision school, consider whether this school is really your first choice. If the answer is yes, communicate that thought to your admission rep by letter, sending it both by snail mail and email. Express the reasons this is your top school and offer to provide any additional information they may want to further support your application.
  2. Share your news with your guidance counselor. If this is your first choice, ask if they will reach out to your admissions rep to speak on behalf of your candidacy.
  3. Complete your other applications.

If you are deferred or rejected, it may not mean you are not qualified. It may simply mean there is not enough room for all the qualified candidates who have applied. Most competitive schools receive a greater number of applications than there are available spots in their incoming class.

If you have committed to a school, reach out and thank your teachers and counselors and anyone else who has supported you in your college bound process. A hand written note is a really nice touch.

While you have good cause for celebrating, keep in mind acceptances are conditional on maintaining your grades throughout senior year. Continue working hard to finish this school year strong.

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