Ask For More Aid If You Need It

Admissions decisions and financial aid offers are arriving. If you and your family determine that the money you are given to pay for college is not enough, you can appeal. Top tips for appealing for more aid include:

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive more. You may require more aid because your family’s circumstances have changed and financial aid representatives need to be made aware of your current situation. It is important to bring to their attention any changes in your circumstances because the FAFSA you completed would have included your family’s 2020 financials. The types of changes that may qualify you for additional aid include increased family medical expenses, loss of a job within the family, divorce, or a natural disaster that affected your family’s situation.

If you need more money and your academics have improved significantly, your eligibility for merit aid may be enhanced and you should reach out to your admissions rep for guidance on that appeal process. If you’ve already been offered merit aid, this information may qualify you for a more generous package. If you did not originally receive merit aid, you may now be entitled to merit funds.

Follow the required appeal process. Each individual school’s website offers information on how to appeal. There are distinct steps and forms needed to complete the process. Please make sure to follow all steps as required and provide any supplemental documents to support your change of circumstances. If you have any questions, reach out to your representative as soon as possible.

Follow up on your appeal. It’s important for you to follow up with your financial aid rep if you haven’t heard back at the end of a week. Time is really important here since admissions decisions are due by May 1st. Also, be sure to check your email daily and respond with any additional information required to process your appeal.

Ask your top choice school for more. If the financial aid package offered by your first choice school falls short of that offered by another school(s), reach out to your rep to share that information. Don’t be shy to ask if they can match the offer.

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