Writing Your College Essay

While grades are the first part of your application that Admissions will review, there are many other important components. A well written essay will give you the opportunity to demonstrate who you are beyond your grades and test scores. What you have done during high school and how you tell your story will give Admissions an idea of what you will bring to their school community.

Top tips for writing your most effective essay:

  • Getting started can be challenging. Begin by reviewing the essay prompts. Ask your family and friends what makes you unique to help you decide which prompt will allow you to best express who you are to Admissions.
  • Choose a topic you feel comfortable writing about. Even a topic that is ordinary and every day can help tell you own story if you do it in a thoughtful way. For example, if you are responsible for caring for your siblings or younger cousins after school, share what you have learned, how have you demonstrated responsibility, independence, initiative.
  • Create an outline with four or five bullet points, then build on each topic sentence to tell your story.
  • Connect your interests and extracurricuricular activities to your community involvement and other responsibilities to tell your personal story. By making that connection, you’ll be sharing what is important to you and what you have chosen to prioritize during your time in high school.
  • Tell your story with authenticity and passion. Highlight what is important to you and share your goals to demonstrate your own qualities and individuality.
  • Show your essay to a proofreader, a family member, teacher or friend. It’s easier for another reader to offer you an objective opinion on whether you have conveyed your story well. But make sure your essay remains in your own voice.
  • Also have your reader look for typos and spelling errors. Don’t rely on spell check and beware of auto-correct.

Your essay is your chance to give Admissions a reason to remember you when they are sitting around a conference table discussing which students to admit.

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