Finding Your Way

Welcome back to the new school year!  While everything is different, you should continue with your college search and application process. Colleges are adapting to the changes caused by the pandemic on an ongoing basis, so be sure to stay current by checking in regularly with individual school websites, College Board and ACT’s sites as well as other college admissions related resources.

Here are a few things to focus on for this fall semester:

  • Reach out to  your guidance or college counselor. In order to navigate your college admissions process in this time of uncertainty, seek out your guidance counselor for help. Make an appointment and have ready a list of questions, concerns and ideas to discuss.
  • Decide whether you are going to take standardized tests.  Although there are many schools now waiving the standardized test requirement, you may still consider submitting test scores if you feel they will enhance your application.  Talk to your parents and guidance counselor to formulate your plan.
  • Continue with your college search.  Although most schools are currently not offering campus visits, college websites feature virtual tours offering an excellent way to view the campus and it’s facilities and are also holding online information sessions. Schedule calls with admissions officers and reach out to students you know and talk to them about their experiences.
  • Focus on your schoolwork. With so many schools eliminating the test requirement, your grades and the rigor of your courses will play a greater role in demonstrating your academic qualifications for any given college.
  • Work on your essays and applications if you’re a senior. If you feel it’s important to discuss how Covid -19 has impacted you, both personally and academically, the Common App is offering a space to do so on your application.
  • Request teacher recommendations. As a senior, if you have not already done so, now is the time to reach out to two recommenders for your applications.

Stay open minded and be flexible in your approach to your college search and application process and remember that high school students across the nation are facing similar challenges.

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