Congratulations Graduates

This 2020 graduation season is unlike any that has come before. Graduates, you may find yourselves holding a mask and maybe a protest sign along with  your diploma.  You are all unique and accomplished in so many different ways and we want to celebrate you and congratulate all on your high school graduation.

So many noteworthy virtual commencement addresses were given. We share a few with you here:


“It’s OK to not be OK right now.” Alicia Keys

“Every thought in your mind is powerful. Every word you speak is powerful. Every action you take has consequences for yourself and your community.” Beyonce

“In an uncertain world, time tested values like honesty and integrity, empathy and compassion— that’s the only real currency in life.”  Michelle Obama

“You have gained your education. Now it’s time you go out and use it for the betterment of the world.” Malala Yousafzai

“America changed, and has always changed, because young people dared to hope.” President Barak Obama


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