How To Make Your Decision In These Uncertain Times

Seniors, we understand you’re facing a big decision.The world of college admissions is undergoing lots of changes which will impact how you evaluate your options. There could be many changes in your world including financial, family or personal, causing you to revisit your options at this time.

A vast number of schools have extended their decision deadline, so check with the schools you are considering to confirm. As the current situation continues to unfold, schools will  make additional changes to their policies. Be sure to check your email regularly for correspondence from the schools to which you’ve been accepted, review school websites regularly and reach out to your admissions reps. Although campuses are closed, admissions and financial aid reps are still available to answer your questions.  You can contact them by email or arrange to have a video chat.

Have a conversation with your parents to re-evaluate what your family is comfortable spending for your college education.  If your current financial aid package is insufficient or you had not originally applied for financial aid, but now are in need of some financial assistance, speak with the financial aid rep at each of the schools you are considering to discuss your situation. On April 25, 2020, in his Your Money column in the The New York Times, Ron Lieber talks about new developments in the world of financial aid and identifies new services available to help families shop for aid (both merit and need based) and also appeal for more money from schools that have already offered funds.

As we write this, there is much discussion about how and when campuses will reopen.  Colleges are monitoring the situation very closely in order to make the best decisions possible to keep their students and campus community safe. On April 21, 2020, in the Wall Street Journal, Doulas Belkin and Melissa Korn discuss how colleges are going to make decisions regarding the timing and process of reopening. Administrators are working out a variety of scenarios and it seems they will most likely hold off on making a decision as long as possible to more accurately evaluate the status of the pandemic as we get closer to fall.

We know this is a very difficult time.  Stay in touch with your schools and keep a close watch on new developments, so you can make the best choice possible.






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