Beginning Your College Research

Juniors, the big question now may be where to begin your college research.  While this process may feel a bit overwhelming, here are some helpful  resources to use to start you off:

  1. College guide books including Fiske Guide to Colleges, Princeton Review and Barrons, which will help you to get a general outline of a school’s offerings and stats.
  2. College and university websites offer virtual tours and specifics about a school.
  3. College admissions blogs will catch you up on the latest news and topics in the college admissions world.
  4. Newspapers and magazines may have interesting feature articles as well as news.
  5. Your guidance counselor is a great resource; make use of his or her knowledge and understanding of admissions. Make an appointment soon to get started.
  6. Your family knows you best— ask for their input.
  7. Net Price Calculator is the US Department of Education’s online tool to help you understand the real price of attending college, it’s available on every school’s website

While using the above resources, keep in mind these key factors to help you focus your search: school size and setting, distance from home, academic programs, cost to attend, personality of the school and your chances of admission.

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