How Many Campus Visits Do You Need To Make?

You may be in the midst of campus visits as you attempt to finalize your list of schools.  It’s helpful to visit a mix of schools, if possible, to identify the type of college thats a good fit for you. Although, it may seem like a good idea, it’s unreasonable to plan to visit every school you’re considering. Ann Carrns in Your Money Advisor column in The New York Times offers some good advice on how to get the information you need without breaking the bank. Some tips include:

  1. Start out by visiting a mix of schools that are close to home, including, if you can, ones that differ in setting and size.
  2. If your budget allows for only one visit, make sure it’s one of your top choice schools.
  3. If you’re considering applying early decision, make the effort to visit the school as your acceptance will be binding.
  4. Take virtual tours on schools’ websites.
  5. Use online tools, such as Naviance, to help define schools that are safety, target and reach schools for you.
  6. Contact the admissions office to see if you qualify for free fly in visits.
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