You Need To Be Organized

You’re going to have a lot to keep track of this fall! You’ll be registering and preparing for standardized tests, researching schools, planning campus visits and scheduling interviews, working on college applications and writing essays. Get organized now and stay ahead of the game. Organization will be the best tool to help you submit successful applications and present your best self to Admissions. Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed; set up an organizing system now that works for you.

Get started by using checklists and charts to keep track of all the different deadlines. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities by losing track of due dates for test registration, applications, special programs and scholarships. Use worksheets to gather the user names and passwords required to sign in to all your application related accounts. Save yourself lots of valuable time as you work on your applications by having easy access to essential information such as your social security number and student ID numbers that each school will assign to you. Also, jot down the SAT and ACT codes for your high school that the testing services will request and contact information for your guidance counselor, so you won’t have to look this info up repeatedly.

Once you begin your applications you’ll want to be prepared and ready for the barrage of requirements and deadlines. Get organized from the start and you’ll be more in control and avoid unnecessary mistakes and stress.



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