It’s A New School Year

Welcome back! Junior and Seniors, now that the new school year has begun, it’s time to move forward with your college process.

You’re going to have many demands on your time this year, so don’t put things off. Here are a few things you can do now:

  • Begin by scheduling a meeting with your guidance or college counselor. Seniors, plan to talk about any additional standardized tests you want to schedule, go through the schools you’re considering and finalize your list with your counselor. Juniors, this fall is the perfect time to meet with your guidance counselor to get better acquainted and map out a college plan.
  •  Use a separate email account exclusively for your college search and application process. Choose an email address that is straight forward, appropriate and easy to read, as this is the account you’ll be using to communicate with admissions and financial aid officers.
  • Get into the habit of saving your application work, as well as important school assignments and papers by using a back-up device, such as a USB or online storage.
  • Get organized. Use charts or lists to keep track of all the user names and passwords you set up throughout the college process. Jot down your social security number too. Once you begin registering for standardized tests, keep track of dates, registration deadlines and locations you schedule. You will need to create another list to keep track of your scores. Have all these lists in one place for safe keeping and easy access.

Check in with us weekly to read about next steps in the process, to stay up to date with college admissions news and to receive test registration deadlines and reminders.


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