Get A Headstart

Rising Seniors, writing your essays without the pressure of schoolwork is a great way to get your college applications underway. Come Fall, you’ll be able to focus on school visits, finalizing your list of schools and completing applications while also focusing on your school work.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Begin by opening your Common App account, if you don’t already have one. Then read the essay prompts so you can begin thinking about what you’d like to write about.
  • Some schools require their own supplemental essays in addition to the Common App essays. Look through the websites for schools you’re considering to confirm their essay requirements.
  •  You want to give admissions reps a reason to remember who you are and an incentive to advocate for your candidacy so, write an essay that reveals a side of yourself that isn’t evident in your transcript or test scores.
  • A topic that’s ordinary and everyday can help tell your own particular unique story if you do it in a thoughtful way. It’s not the topic, but how you relate that topic to your life circumstances that’s important.
  • Your essay should be well written and convey your own voice. It’s okay to seek out help from a proof reader, but make sure your essay is in your own words. Admissions officers want to hear what you have to say, not your parent or teacher or mentor.
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