It’s Not Too Late To Apply

For seniors who have not yet completed their application process or are not happy with their outcome, the National Association of College Admission Counseling’s College Openings Update provides a list of over 400 US colleges and universities with openings, financial aid and housing available to qualified freshman and/or transfer students for the Fall 2019 semester.

Kwame Anthony Appiah wrote a thoughtful piece in the May 5th New York Times Magazine, titled “Almost All the Colleges I Wanted to Go to Rejected Me. Now What?“. As you move forward, and seek out new options, be inspired by his words: “Take up that question of questions. Think about what you can do with the opportunities you have … If you do the work, make friends and enjoy reasonable luck there, you’ll come away from the college enriched and ready for the next phase of your life. So seize the day.”

Make use of the Update to search for schools through the use of various filters including state and country.  Both public and private colleges and universities are included on the list. The list is an excellent resource and will continue to be revised as colleges and universities finalize their admissions numbers for 2019/20.

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