College Warm Up

Seniors, it’s one week away from National College Decision Day! Once you’ve notified the school of your choice that you’ll be attending and have sent in your deposit, take care of this to-do list:

  • Decline any other offers of admission you received.
  • Review your financial aid details and follow up on any loose ends. Review your payment plan options and make sure your first payment is submitted on time.
  • Be sure to complete any roommate surveys or requests and submit your housing forms on time.
  • Be on the look out for any orientation programs offered and register on time for fall classes and complete any summer reading or pre-semester assignments before you arrive on campus for the start of your first semester..
  • Pay attention to any other paperwork that may arrive in your inbox, including health forms, health insurance and health insurance waiver forms, tuition payment plan options and tuition insurance information.
  • Request that your high school send your final school report or transcript to your college.
  • Thank those who’ve provided support and helped you throughout your college process. Write a note to your guidance or college counselor, recommendation writers and anyone else who has guided you along the way. Let your supporters know what your plans are for next fall and express your appreciation for all their efforts. Sort through your college admission materials and save the following: final copy of each of your essays on your computer or back-up device, or print a hard copy, print a copy of your completed common app because your online account will become inactive, your test score report(s), your transcript, important school work you may want to use if asked for samples.
  • Hold on to an updated list of activities or honors to help you create your resume when needed.

Finish strong. Don’t let anything disrupt your college bound plan. Complete your high school requirements, stay focused and take care of this to-do list before you go off to college.

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