Your Big Decision

 Many schools invite admitted students to special on-campus events. These “admitted student” days offer a chance to take a good look at the campus, ask questions and meet your prospective classmates.  In additional to on-campus events, alumni often host local get-togethers for admitted students.  Take advantage of these opportunities, if you can, to get to know more about what the school has to offer and how you feel about attending.

Financial aid packages have already arrived, but check your mailbox to find any follow-up requests for information and forms the school may require.  If financial aid is an important piece of your decision, take the time to read through all mailings and understand the details. Be clear on how much is gift aid such as scholarships, grants and tuition waivers and how much requires repayment, and on what schedule.

Once you make your decision,  be sure to send in your deposit by the May 1st deadline. Re-read your acceptance letter and any correspondence you received from the school to confirm that you’ve submitted all the required documents. Also, as a courtesy, don’t forget to notify other colleges that you won’t be attending.

Once you’re a member of the class of 2021, you’ll begin receiving lots of important and time sensitive mail requiring your attention. Be on the lookout for details regarding housing, roommate selection, course registration, orientation and summer events. In addition, expect to hear from the health office, registrar and bursar. Check your mail regularly to be sure that you don’t miss any deadlines and opportunities.

Your mailbox is going to be full, so check for new information daily!

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