How to Choose

Within the next few weeks college acceptance letters will be released. This is a nail biting time for students and their parents as it’s the culmination of your many months of hard work. Remember that if you put together a carefully thought out list of schools, odds are in your favor that you’ll be successful at any one of your options. The reality is that it’s what you do once you’re at college, not where you attend college that will make the difference post-graduation.

As you evaluate your choices, keep in mind that your goal is to select a school where you feel you belong.  You want an environment where you’ll be excited to be an active, engaged member of the community.  Choose a school that offers you a strong supportive advisory system.  Evaluate the academic programs that different schools offer.  Review prerequisites and specific course choices to identify the school that excites you and challenges you to delve deeply into your coursework and to apply yourself.

Stay focused on the positive news and the college life you have to look forward to.



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