While You’re Waiting

Seniors,  While you’re waiting for responses to your applications, please take care of the following:

  • Make sure your financial aid documents complete. If you’ve completed and submitted your FAFSA, you should have received your Student Aid Report (SAR). Look it over for accuracy and respond to any requests for any additional information as soon as possible. If you’ve finished the CSS/Profile and any state applications respond to any requests for additional information in your inbox. If you haven’t worked on these forms yet, submit them as soon as possible as some aid is handed out on a first come first serve basis, so don’t wait too long.
  • Research scholarship opportunities. There are so many resources available to search for scholarships. Scholarship deadlines vary throughout the year so continue to search and apply. There may be money out there to help fund your college education.
  • Focus on your schoolwork.  Colleges may still request your grades so keep up the good work. Your admission and financial aid offers are contingent on maintaining your academic standing.
  • Check your inbox regularly. The schools you’ve already been admitted to may be reaching out to let you know about special programs and events for accepted students. Investigate any links and opportunities they send you. If you applied for any scholarships, be on the look out for responses. You may also receive requests for additional information.
  • Share important news to share with Admissions reps.  Be mindful in sharing only significant and meaningful accomplishments that you feel supplement your application in a positive way. If you’ve received any special attention or recognition, you should reach out to let them know about it. For example, if you’ve won an award or contest or have had your work published, take pride and share your good news with your admissions rep. Athletic, artistic, and musical accomplishments should also be shared. Informing Admissions of your achievements could have a positive impact on your application.
  • Consider if you’d like to apply to any additional schools.  There’s still time to apply to schools with both rolling and late admissions deadlines as well as schools that have chosen to extend their deadlines. Check with your guidance counselor for a list of schools still accepting applications.


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