How to Get the Most Out of College Campus Visits

Campus visits are a great way to get an up close look at what really goes on at a college. If you’re not able to travel far, visit schools close to home. Read the tips below to help you plan and get the most out of your visits:

  • Reach out to your guidance counselor for help making an initial list of schools to visit.
  • Review the admissions sections of school websites for info session and campus tour schedules. Both will give you a look at what campus facilities have to offer.
  • Reserve your spot for tours and info sessions, if a school requires you to do so.
  • Work within the tour and info session schedules if you’re planning to meet with a faculty member or a coach. Reach out in advance to make an appointment.
  • Leave some extra time to explore the campus. You can eat in the cafeteria, visit the student center, even sit in on a class. Look around at notice what students are doing.
  • If you can, take the time to explore the surrounding neighborhood and town.
  • Throughout the day, take notes and photos to help you remember details.
  • If there’s someone you want to follow up with, ask for their contact info. Use an envelope to collect and save business cards from school reps you meet.
  • Remember to send thank you notes and follow up if you’ve been asked to provide additional information.

A tour will give you the chance to see a school through a current student’s eyes and have a chance to ask questions, including:

  • Does the school provide housing for all four years? If yes, do most students stay on campus? If no, how hard is it to find off campus housing?
  • What portion of the students join sororities and fraternities? Do students feel pressured to join Greek life? What’s the process like?
  • What clubs and extracurriculars are offered?
  • What’s your favorite thing about the school? What, if anything, has disappointed you?
  • How available are professors for extra help?
  • Are tutors available?
  • Are you assigned a freshman advisor? Is there a supportive advisory system?
  • Where do most students study? How much time do you spend on school work each day?
  • Do students stay on campus for the weekends? What do you do for fun?
  • What are the biggest campus traditions?
  • Do students get involved in the surrounding community?
  • What do you like best (and least) about the school?

Info sessions give you the chance to learn about the school from the admissions office staff who will make a formal presentation followed by Q & A. Ask questions, but ask only those that can’t be answered on the school’s website, such as:

  • What is the average class size?
  • What percentage of classes are taught by professors versus teaching assistants?
  • Is study abroad encouraged? What percent of students participate?
  • What is the total cost of attending?
  • What type of financial assistance is available?
  • What percentage of students receive the aid they require?
  • What career service support is offered for summer and full-time opportunities?
  • What jobs are available on campus for students who want to work part-time?



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