Using Networking To Further Your College Search

Networking is an often used term that may not have had much significance for you up until now. But networking can be a very helpful took for your college search. Networking can help you meet new people, and meeting new people can help you to build new relationships, make connections, talk to like-minded people, exchange ideas, gather information, and basically, learn more about the world around you.

Here’s how you can network:

  • Seek out people who have similar interests and career goals.
  • Talk to those who have jobs you may be interested in, including parents, both yours and your friends’, and ask them what types of jobs are available in their fields, what experiences are required for those jobs, and what they studied in college.
  • Find out more about people you look up to: coaches, teachers, family friends.
  • Talk to experts such as guidance counselors, college counselors and admissions officers.

Using the internet, you can network with an entire population of people you don’t even know (and you may not even have to talk to them in person).  LinkedIn has built a range of new tools to help students in their search for college and career.  These new tools allow you you to explore universities based on what you would like to study and where you may want to work.

Networking will allow you to gather more information and learn more about what other people are doing in the world around you.  Have some interesting conversations.  Take every opportunity to network in person and on the internet to help you make better informed decisions and figure out where you see yourself.

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