Supplementary Materials

You may be considering sending additional information in support of your application. Supplementary materials can enhance a strong application and may help tip the admission decision in your favor.  However, submit supplements only if you feel very strongly that this extra information will add value to your application and tell Admissions something about yourself they cannot learn from your application. Think about how many applications, including essays, test scores, activities lists and recommendations admissions officers are sorting through to help them make their decisions.

If you decide to share additional information, make sure what you submit is of the highest caliber and will enhance your profile.  If you’re not sure about what to do, ask your guidance counselor for input. In addition, confirm each individual school’s policy regarding the submission of supplementary materials and follow the required format for submission by checking on the school’s admissions website.

Tufts University Admissions offers a very useful flow chart to help you decide whether or not to send in additional materials.



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