Tackling Test Prep

Test prep is essential to doing your best on standardized tests. In addition to getting comfortable with the subject matter, learn how to pace yourself, manage your timing and understand how the test is scored. Try to take as many practice tests as possible to increase your comfort level and confidence when test day arrives.

You can prepare on your own, in a group or with a tutor.  There are many free test prep resources availalbe.  Check them out and see what works best for you.


  1.  College Board has both online and printed versions of SAT practice tests available on their website.
  2. College Board has a daily practice app you can use to build your familiarity with the exam.
  3. Find  free sample practice questions on College Board’s website in Math, Reading and Writing for the SAT as well as questions for SAT Subject Tests.
  4. Test prep companies, including Kaplan, The Princeton Review and Peterson’s offer free practice tests, both online and at their test centers.
  5. McGraw-Hill offers an interactive online SAT test prep center with practice tests, videos and other helpful resources.


  1. Take an ACT practice test, score your exam and read about helpful test taking strategies.
  2. ACT offers practice questions in English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing.
  3. Download ACT’s free study guide.
  4. Register for free online and onsite practice tests with Kaplan, The Princeton Review and Peterson’s.
  5. Check out the McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus Prep Center for the ACT where you can take full length practice tests. Prep videos and other resources are also available on this site.

SAT Subject Tests

  1. Success on an SAT II demonstrates your proficiency in a specific subject. Think about the subjects you excel in and ask teachers for input.
  2. Time the exam to match up with the timing of your final for that subject or AP test.
  3. Plan your test prep. Take as many practice tests as possible using prep books and go through the online practice questions as well.
  4. Understand how the SAT subject tests are scored to maximize your results.
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