How To Use Fee Waivers

images-1Applying to college can be very expensive! If you qualify, fee waivers may be used to cover the costs of standardized tests and application fees. Ask your guidance counselor if you’re eligible.

TEST FEE WAIVERS allow you to register for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and/or the ACT free of charge. Both College Board and ACT make fee waivers available to qualifying students who are unable to pay the test fee.


  • ACT fee waivers cover the registration fee for your test, including score submission to up to four colleges of your choice.
  • Waivers do not cover late registration fees, test date or test center changes or standby fees.
  • Request an ACT fee waiver from your high school guidance counselor.


  • SAT fee waivers cover the registration fee for a single test date.
  • You can use a maximum of two waivers to take up to two SATs.
  • You can use fee waivers twice for the SAT Subject Tests and take up to three Subject Tests per test date.
  • Request SAT fee waivers from your guidance counselor or an authorized community based organization in your area.
  • When you register for the SAT or SAT IIs, you’re able to designate up to four schools to send your scores to free of charge. You’ll be asked to identify the schools when you register, but you also have up to nine days after your test date.
  • When you use a waiver, you’re also eligible to send four additional score reports to the colleges of your choice at any time during high school.

COLLEGE APPLICATION FEE WAIVERS allow you to apply to college without paying the application fee. Many four-year and two-year colleges accept application waivers. Look at school websites to see the school policy regarding fees and waivers. The most common sources of fee waivers are:

  • College Board: If you registered for the SAT or an SAT II using an SAT fee waiver, you’re automatically eligible to receive four college application fee waivers. The fee waivers will be sent to you during the fall of senior year.
  • National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC): Students who meet the requirements may use the NACAC Request for Application Fee Waiver Form when applying to college. Talk to your guidance counselor to verify that you’re eligible to use the form. NACAC recommends using their form for up to four colleges. Check with your guidance counselor if you need more.
  • Individual schools also provide application fee waivers. You can request an application fee waiver directly from the college you’re applying to. Check school websites for information about their fee waiver availability.
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