Time To Get Started

imagesWelcome back!

We always feel back to school season is a good time to get organized, make a few to-do lists and regroup. As you head off to the first days of school, think about this as your opportunity, as a Junior, to begin your college process or as a Senior, to pull together your applications.

VISIT WITH YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR  Schedule an appointment with your guidance or college counselor to review what you’ve done and where you’re headed.  Seniors, discuss any additional testing, review your options and finalize your list with your counselor.  Juniors, meet with your guidance counselor to get better acquainted.

ESTABLISH A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT  Use this email throughout your college search and application process. Make sure you choose an email address which doesn’t reflect a funny nickname or private joke you have with your friends. Choose one that is appropriate and easy to read. This is part of the identity you’ll present to admissions officers.

PROTECT YOUR WORK  Buy a back-up device and get into the habit of saving your application work as well as important school assignments and papers.

GET ORGANIZED  Start a master list to keep track of all the user names and passwords required throughout the college process. Include your social security number as well. Keep a list of dates, registration deadlines and locations for the standardized tests you’re scheduled to take. Also create another list to track your scores. Staying organized and having easy access to this information will save you lots of time and frustration throughout the process.

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