Today Is 529 Day

imagesAs reported by Politico’s Morning Education:

TODAY IS 529 DAY: Get it? Because it’s May 29?! States and organizations around the country are holding special events today urging – and helping – families to set aside money for a higher education. Despite their considerable time in the political spotlight this year, thanks to President Barack Obama’s withdrawn attempt to tax the accounts and subsequent legislation to expand them, two-thirds of Americans still don’t know what 529s are, Edward Jones found. The sixth annual National 529 College Savings Day aims to change that. This year, California’s doing one-day-only $50 matching contributions. Nebraska will throw in up to $2,000 toward new accounts for kids younger than 9. And whatever lucky Georgia and Oklahoma moms-to-be are first to give birth today will get $1,529 to put toward savings. Other states are using things like fun runs, baseball games, major media outlets and – in Kansas – a sold-out Taylor Swift concert to promote their accounts. The College Savings Plan Network breaks down the festivities by state.

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