SAT: Old vs. New

imagesWith the upcoming changes in the SAT in March, 2016, current sophomores have a decision to make.

The current SAT will be given in June, and most likely in October, November, December and January of 2016. Starting in  March, 2016 the new version will replace the existing test.

Current sophomores have three options:

  • Prepare for the current test and complete your testing by January of your junior year.
  • Prepare for the new test and begin testing in or after March of your junior year.
  • Prepare for the current test and if your scores do not meet your goals then get ready for the new test.

Given most students take the SAT more than once, the introduction of the new exam provides a big incentive to plan your test schedule in advance in order to, hopefully, avoid prepping for the two different versions of the test.

CollegeBoard offers a comparison of the current and redesigned tests. Sample questions from both the current and new test are also available on the CollegeBoard website. One major change is the omission of the score penalty for wrong answers on the new test making it more similar to the scoring of the ACT. In addition, so much has written about the pros and cons of the new test. Look online to read up and get informed so you can make the best choice.

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