Where You’re Headed

imagesWhere are you going to be next year? Your inbox and mail box are filling up with admissions decisions and it’s time to sort through your choices and consider where you see yourself attending college.

Admitted: Congratulations, you’re in! If you’re considering more than one of your acceptances, look back on any notes you may have taken during your college search and reach out to any current students you know. If you visited a school, try to remember how you felt while you were on campus. You may want to visit or even revisit any schools you’re considering.

Schools often hold special “admitted student” days and events. Here’s your chance to meet your prospective classmates and have a good look around. Have lunch at the cafeteria, visit the student center, look at bulletin boards around campus and read the school newspaper. Notice what students are doing— are they studying while eating or chatting and laughing? Talk to them— what’s their favorite thing and their least favorite about the school? Do you feel like you belong?

Think about what’s important to you, including price, financial aid, distance, programs, size and spirit, just to name a few, and compare and contrast one school to another. Try making a pro/con list to help organize your thoughts. Talk to your parents and ask for their feedback. Bounce your ideas off your guidance counselor as well.

Remember that an offer of admission requires your response and deposit by a specific deadline, usually May 1st. Review your acceptance package carefully. If you’ve received an offer for financial aid, make sure you understand the details. If you have any questions, reach out to the financial aid office for answers. Finally, submit all the required documents and information by the specified due date.

Waitlisted: Neither acceptance or rejection, this is a third possible outcome which requires your immediate attention. If you’ve been waitlisted by one of your top priority schools— the good news is you’re still in the game. There are four things you should do immediately:

  1. Send in the response card required to put yourself on the waitlist by the deadline, but preferably as soon as possible. You will not be placed on the list automatically.
  2. Contact your admission rep, by phone, email or handwritten note to express your continued interest to be admitted and to offer to provide any additional information in support of your candidacy. Update them about any new achievements not included in your file. If this is truly your top choice, let your admission rep know that if you’re admitted you’ll definitely attend.
  3. Talk to your guidance counselor and ask him or her to reach out to the school rep on your behalf.
  4. If you require financial aid, contact the school to ask whether aid will be available if you’re admitted from the waitlist.

The number of students admitted from a waitlist varies by school and from year to year. While the Admission Office may provide you with information about prior years’ waitlists, there are no guarantees. Waitlist decisions may arrive after deposits are due, so in the meantime, evaluate any other choices you may have and follow through with a decision and send in your deposit by the May 1 due date. Be aware, deposits are non-refundable, so if you’re admitted from a waitlist and choose to attend that school, you’ll forfeit the deposit you sent to the other school.

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