Juniors: Keep Up The Good Work

imagesJuniors, you have so much to think about this year— schoolwork, athletic recruiting events, community service and all the demands of applying to college. Make things easier by planning ahead.

  • Stay focused on your schoolwork: With all that you do, it’s so important to keep your eye on your grades. Stay focused on maintaining or if possible, improving your grades because your high school transcript will be one of the most important components of your college application. Colleges look at your entire high school academic record. So, if you didn’t start out strong, now is your chance to show an upward trend and demonstrate that you can handle challenging coursework.
  • Let your teachers get to know you. Reach out to your teachers to get help if you need it. Extra help sessions are a good way to answer any questions you may have as well as confirm that you’re on track and current with the material. This is a good opportunity for your teachers to get to know you and your learning style. Also, the better your teachers know you, the more personalized and effective their letters of recommendation will be when the time comes.
  • Set up meetings with your guidance counselor. Start talking about your college plans. Establish a good collaborative relationship because the better they understand who you are, the more helpful they can be in guiding you through the college search and application process. Counselors are a great resource, so do seek out their input.
  • Find out about college fairs.  Make sure you know about college fairs at your school and in your community. Fairs are a great way to meet admissions reps and learn more about the possibilities.
  • Continue to research schools and plan college visits. Spend time online reading about all your options, what type schools you’d like to see, and talk to your parents about making a schedule that works.
  • Plan your standardized test schedule. There are so many tests to juggle: SAT, SAT IIs, ACT, AP, IB, so map out a plan to enable you have time to prepare and fit them all in.
  • Work on your personal profile. Start a list of what you’ve been involved in during high school. Include extracurriculars, competitions and contests, community involvement and volunteering, work and summer experiences.
  • Start planning for this summer. Think about all the activities you’ve been involved in and what you enjoy doing most. Look for opportunities to either further explore your interests or pursue new experiences you’d like to have.











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