Connect With Your College Community

Unknown-1Use social media to connect with classmates, friends and potential roommates, and find out the latest news from campus.

Facebook groups make it possible for you to find out about group meet ups with future classmates in your area.  You may find potential roommates, friends with common interests,  hear about about the best classes to sign up for and post questions you may have about the college. Check the school’s Facebook page to stay up to date with approaching deadlines for required forms, deposits and special programs.

LinkedIn University Pages offer the latest news from the schools themselves. Schools’ LinkedIn pages are also where you can read what alumni are doing, where they’re living, what fields they’ve gone into and what jobs they have. This is your future network.

Many professors have Twitter accounts. You can follow what they’re interested in, what types of research they’re involved in and learn about the latest news in their field. Campus organizations, including fraternities, sororities and clubs use twitter to stay connected with the school community.

Look on Instagram for your college’s page and see what students are doing on campus now.

Remember, what you post online stays out there for anyone to see, so choose your words and photos thoughtfully.






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