CSS/Financial Aid Profile: Another Piece of the Financial Aid Puzzle

imagesA vast majority of college students receive some form of financial aid.  You won’t know if you qualify unless you apply.  Each college and university has their own requirements for students applying for financial aid, scholarships and grant money. Check the financial aid section of each school’s website or call the financial aid office directly to confirm their requirements.

Schools use a number of aid forms. By now you are probably working on your FAFSA application. Another form to take a look at is the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, short for the College Scholarship Service Profile— used by many schools to determine student eligibility for non-federal student aid.

The CSS/PROFILE is an application distributed by College Board which must be completed online at www.collegboard.com in order to be considered for all need-based university grants and scholarships. The information you provide in your CSS/PROFILE will be sent by College Board to the colleges and/or universities that you specify. So after you’ve registerd with College Board, look through the list of participating colleges and universities to determine which ones use the PROFILE as part of their financial aid process.

Also, pay attention to the priority and closing filing dates for each school. Some aid is granted on a first-come, first-served basis so apply as early as allowed.

When you’re done, print the acknowledgment page and file it in a safe place.

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