images-2Soon, if not already, many of you will receive admissions decisions, either online or by mail. If you were early to the rolling admissions game and have an acceptance letter in hand, congratulations, you’re going to college! Early decision and early action notification letters will be released shortly. If you receive an acceptance,  you’re on your way!

Once your celebrations are over, responses may be required of any of you who’ve received early decision, early action or rolling admissions positive outcomes.

  • Early decision admissions are binding. Admitted students must confirm their intention to enroll by sending in a non-refundable deposit by the school’s required due date. Admitted students must withdraw their applications from any other school to which they have applied. Check your inbox often and be on the lookout for emails including information relating to housing, medical and health forms, registration for special programs for admitted students, and invitations to special events that may require your response.                                                                                                            For those of you who have been deferred, take a deep breath. Talk to your guidance     counselor about your plans. Think about whether your early decision school is truly your first choice. If you believe the answer is yes, communicate that thought to your admissions rep by letter, sending it both by snail mail and email. Express the reasons this is your top school and offer to provide any additional information they may want to further support your application. Whether deferred, or rejected, move ahead and complete the applications for the other schools on your list and get excited about your other options.
  • Early action admissions are not binding. If you’ve been admitted and you’re certain this is the school for you, you can submit your deposit and secure your spot in the class of 2018. Although not required, it is considerate to other applicants to withdraw your outstanding applications to other schools. If you’re not sure this is the school for you or need to evaluate your financial aid offers and want to leave your options open, you can hold off until you’ve received all your other admissions decisions.                        If you’ve been deferred or rejected, turn your focus to completing the applications on your list.
  • Rolling admissions, are not binding. As with early action decisions, you don’t need to respond until you are absolutely certain this is the school you would like to attend. Unless you’re sure this is the school for you, finish your other applications and send them in by the due dates.

Many of you are working on applications right now— whether polishing up an essay or completing the activities section of the Common App. With exams approaching and the excitement of the holidays and the coming school break, there are many distractions.  Try your best to maintain your focus and finish your applications in time to fully review and proofread before deadlines arrive. You have certainly worked very hard and we applaud your efforts.

We want to offer all who have gained acceptance our most heartfelt congratulations. This is a significant accomplishment— celebrate your success.

For those of you who have committed to a school:

  • Remember to reach out and thank your teachers and counselors and anyone else who has supported you in your college bound process. A hand written note is a really nice touch.
  • Also keep in mind acceptances are conditional on maintaining your grades throughout senior year.
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