Almost Done

Seniors—congratulations! It will soon be time for graduation festivities, celebrations and ceremonies.  First, there are a few more items to check off your to-do list.


  • Thank the people who have helped you throughout your college process. Write a hand written note to your guidance or college counselors, recommendation writers and anyone else who has guided you along the way. This is a good opportunity to let your supporters know what your plans are for next fall and it’s also nice to let them know you appreciate their efforts.
  • Before you’re tempted to toss all your college admission materials in the trash, sort through and save the following:
  1. A final copy of each of your essays— save them on your computer or back-up device, or print a hard copy 
  2. Print a copy of your completed Common App — your online account will become inactive
  3. Your test score report(s)
  4. Your transcript
  5. “Important” school work you may want to use if asked for samples 
  • Write down any new activities and awards or honors, and keep a list to help you create your resume when needed.  

You may be asked to provide any or all of this information at different times throughout your college years—when you apply for internships, jobs and any special academic programs. Organizing everything now will save you time and stress later.

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