Test registration reminder


If you have already made a testing schedule, you can register now for any of the following tests. If you have not yet decided which tests you plan to take on which dates, it may be a good time to consider your future options by consulting the SAT and ACT test calendars.

SAT registration                                                                                                             Registration for the December 1st SAT and SAT Subject Tests is still open although late fees are now applicable. For the January 26th SAT and Subject Tests, register by December 28th to avoid late fees.

ACT registration                                                                                                                                  For the February 9th ACT, register by January 11th to avoid late fees.

Once you have registered for a test, please print your admission ticket and hang it on a bulletin board, attach it with a magnet to your family’s refrigerator or file it away in your own specially designated spot. Also, make sure you enter the test date, time and location in your calendar and the calendar of anyone you may be counting on to give you a lift on test day.

SCORE NOTIFICATION                                                                                                                  For students who sat for the November 3rd test, SAT scores will be available online on November 20th.

October 27th ACT test scores became available as early as November 13th, but may take up until December 21st to be posted.

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