We have a blog!

Though Bound to Organize LLC was founded in 2010, our friendship began over 25 years ago on the trading floor of a large New York based commercial bank. Together we have been through early childhood birthday parties, kindergarten separation, middle school cliques, high school course selection and college admissions.

Our workplace changed from trading floor to playroom floor and we worked through many parenting questions together. As our children matured and started their college search and application processes, we found gaining admission to college had become complicated and often confounding. We read dozens of books and articles and received some useful, and some not so useful advice. Yet, there was nothing available to help our children stay focused and on time.

The need to devise a system to enable our children cover jpgto navigate the process became apparent and that is the foundation of our book,  The College Bound Organizer. After a great deal of research, we completed the book and it was released in January of 2013.

We found organization allows the student to be in control and successfully manage all the demands of junior and senior year required to gain admittance to the college of their choice. Through our blog, we will share our experiences and offer organizing strategies to help students stay on-task and on schedule, from college search through admission.

As parents, the key to supporting our children through college admissions is to understand the process and anticipate each step. This way we can appropriately guide our children and help them to be prepared.

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi Your Early Decision Deadlines Extended at Some Colleges this information is very useful for students…Application due dates to offer students additional time to submit is very important thing of students..Thanks for sharing info….

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